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Seminar "Creative media: a prospective vision”

The EESI, the Cnam-Enjmin and the Emca invite you to the seminar "Creative media: a prospective vision".

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What is the relationship between a video game and an animation series? Can machines tell stories? What role can artificial intelligence play in artistic creation? Is Second Life a Metaverse and is this Metaverse a lawless zone?
Where and how to finance the production of works that no longer fit into former audiovisual categories? Is there an aesthetic that is specific to digital creation?

At a time when media is necessarily interactive, when social networks transform interpersonal communication into mass media, when the economy is measured out in "followers" and "likes", three higher education schools of the Pôle Image Magelis d’Angoulême, the ÉSI, the Cnam-Enjmin and the EMCA, in partnership with the TEC University of Monterrey, are organizing a seminar where researchers and professionals attempt to answer these questions.

We propose to explore during these three days the following prospective fields:

Creative Media: aesthetic paradigms and formal mutations – Creative Imagination
Creative Media tools: integration of technologies into manufacturing processes, from experimentation to the industrialization of technical processes.
Transformation of economic and legal ecosystems, the opportunity for development in cultural and creative industries and beyond.
This research seminar is offered as part of Creative Confluence, a Franco-Mexican cooperation project funded by the French Development Agency (AFD) which aims to create a master’s degree in Creative Media in Mexico.

Free seminar, open to the public: conferences in English
Accessible in person - free access on registration
and on YouTube (live and replay on the Cnam-Enjmin channel).

4 p‧m. - 6 p‧m. : Conferences

Monday, January 30

4 pm : Maurice Benayoun (MoBen)/ visual artist, professor and researcher at the School of Creative Media at City University of Hong Kong where he directs the doctoral school (by videoconference from Hong Kong) - title: How AI-Augmented Serendipity redefines artistic practises.
4:45 pm : Anne Gwenn Bosser / HDR ENIB/Lab-STICC CNRS UMR 6285 Lecturer - title: Storytelling Machines
5:30 pm : Jean-Paul Fourmentraux / Professor of Sociology and Philosophy of Digital Arts and Humanities, Aix-Marseille University - title: Creative media: aesthetic paradigms and formal mutations – Creative Imagination.

Tuesday, January 31

4 pm : Thierry Baujard/ Ceo Media Deals UG Berlin - title: The challenges of funding digital media
4:45 pm : Thibault Henriet / CEO awen, Yannick Le Cacheux/CTO awen - title: Creative work faced by artificial intelligence
5:30 pm : Frederic Markus/ Director of studio Féérik Games - title : Metaverse and videogames

Wednesday, February 1

4 pm : Masaki Fujihata / artist - title: Augmented reality as an interface to archives (online from Japan)
4:45 pm : Étienne Papin/ lawyer - title: A legal walk in the Metaverse
5:30 pm : Alexandre Bretheau/ Co-founder at LOOPS Creative Studio and Head of CG - title: How video games are modifying the Animation Pipe Line

For more information on these conferences (summary and bio of the speakers)

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