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[info] Migrating Reality. Régime & Migrating Art Academies

Call for students
Reality. Régime & Migrating Art Academies
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22-29, 2008

are delighted to invite up to 3 EESI students to participate in a week
long residency-like Migrating Reality congress in Berlin.

The second
Migrating Reality congress is organized in cooperation with Migrating
Art Academies, a two-year EU funded project of EESI - École
européenne supérieure de l’image in
Angoulême/Poitiers, KHM - Kunsthochschule für Medien
in Cologne and VDA - Vilnius Academy of Arts in Vilnius. The congress
will unfold into the wide set of events, seeking deeper understanding
in educational and artistic practices within changing processes. A
residency-like "Régime" supplemented by a number of
workshops, presentations and an exhibition will end up with the first
Migrating Art Academies seminar.

is an attempt to combine or forcefully blend together the art making
(value routine) with the residual acts (non-value routine) of human
habituation. As a spatio-temporal mélange this event will
not fit the categorical schemes of genre or type, though supervised by
tutors, Régime will try to explore spatial limitations and
repetitiveness. A synchronous but not synchronized mosaic of activities
overlapping in certain periodicity performed and/or lived by the
artists (Artonauts) "embedded" in the temporary space would constitute
a combined average flow of actions or a continuous performance. Among
the key issues of Migrating Reality congress is a synchronization of
human activities driven not by the imposed goal but by the act of
sharing. In this particular case, sharing knowledge, space and time.

Up to 10 students
from above mentioned art academies will reside in General Public
gallery in Berlin. Objects, ideas and documents produced during the
time will be exhibited at the end of Régime in the same

The congress
"Migrating Reality" is organised by KHM - Kunsthochschule für
Medien in Cologne and >top - Verein zur Förderung
kultureller Praxis e.V. in Berlin. It is also generously supported by
the Embassy of Lithuania in Germany within the framework of the
German-Baltic Year of Culture 2008.

For further
information please contact Mindaugas Gapsevicius at or consult

Please aply with
a letter of interest.

Travel and
housing costs will be in charge of the School.

v. Amelunxen


europeénne supérieure de l’image

European School
of Visual Arts